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August 31, 2021 2022-10-11 2:19

Fees on our platform

CoinFund charges a small 1% fee for exchanges, crowdfunding, and donations transactions. The price listed for Fees is in addition to the cost from the miners. Atomic Swaps implemented in the CoinFund Wallet may have additional Fees and adjustable slippage to reward other peers for successfully completing your swap, in cases where the Wallet does not have enough balances to submit all needed transactions to the blockchains.

The estimated amount which is presented in the CoinFund Wallet prior to making an exchange or funding a campaign is not always final. With Atomic Swaps, it can differ from the final amount due to market fluctuations, but the CoinFund Wallet guarantees that the actual price of the deal will not be worse than the final price in the exchange operation confirmation window, not including mining fees and rewards to other counterparties involved in the atomic swap completing process, or in the cases specified below.


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